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  1. Dan Eady
    Dan Eady
    12 órája

    Next week: what are you wearing then parts of the body.

  2. Mrln Jr
    Mrln Jr
    12 órája

    gery shake horner

  3. Jisu
    12 órája

    As a Korean fan, this is heartbreaking Vettel won Korean GP 3 times😂

  4. Leon 37
    Leon 37
    12 órája

    Hopefully Valtteri gets a cockpit for 2022 , i like him as a person and as a driver a lot 🙏🏼

  5. Yourboy Homie G
    Yourboy Homie G
    12 órája

    I look up to him😭😭🇿🇦SA's best F1 driver

  6. Swarsattie Analissa Mania
    Swarsattie Analissa Mania
    12 órája

    Ik there was something special about Hamilton

  7. saran's blender log
    saran's blender log
    12 órája

    toto wants to know your location

  8. Leander
    12 órája

    Underrated driver.

  9. Daniell Plamadeala
    Daniell Plamadeala
    12 órája


  10. Med Ilyes Oudhini
    Med Ilyes Oudhini
    12 órája

    Maybe an unpopular opinion here but I'm sick of the black Mercedes and would love to see the silver back

  11. Toasted' Nugget_'
    Toasted' Nugget_'
    12 órája

    ,, Great lap,, starts off with llosing time

  12. F1 F
    F1 F
    12 órája

    Is this Brundles Son narrating??? He sounds like a young Martin or is this Martin? Thats freaky how similar they sound lol

  13. TunisianDom 93
    TunisianDom 93
    12 órája

    4:30 stop bullying the kid

  14. Ayman
    12 órája

    Hamilton is the best

  15. Joel Farley
    Joel Farley
    12 órája

    I can't help but notice that the red line is above the white line when it's full and zero....

  16. M Kay
    M Kay
    12 órája

    WB fancies himself. Didn't enjoy him in Drive to Survive.

  17. Alejandro Portillo
    Alejandro Portillo
    12 órája

    Bottas is so dumb

  18. Varun
    12 órája

    Well done F1. Thanx for using the incorrect Indian map

  19. Aleksst96
    12 órája

    Great lap for P3 🙃

  20. Raaid Janjua
    Raaid Janjua
    12 órája

    So basically the Great lap isn't a Great lap?

  21. kkurzeid
    12 órája

    All Ive taken from this is, he could have gone at least a second quicker and bottled it?

  22. Alo Kann
    Alo Kann
    12 órája

    5 seconds Yuki:"Shut up!"

  23. Harmless Gaming
    Harmless Gaming
    12 órája

    I am not biased towards anyone but i really want Bottas to win this race so he can gain his confidence back.

    1. Muhammad Fareez Shah Bin Talib
      Muhammad Fareez Shah Bin Talib
      12 órája

      Agree..he quite unlucky sometimes..

    12 órája

    When silver arrows were silver ahh feels like a decade...

  25. Mr Igor
    Mr Igor
    12 órája

    Bottas, press F

  26. KevCarsForLife
    12 órája

    The best on top

  27. Rodolphe Ndessabeka
    Rodolphe Ndessabeka
    12 órája

    Valtteri we believe in you. You will bounce back!!!

  28. Taps Morer
    Taps Morer
    12 órája

    Valtteri: *takes notes* hehe boi

  29. bsl_ jotogamerx
    bsl_ jotogamerx
    12 órája

    Thats a german 1 and 2

  30. Ismael Bouzoubaa
    Ismael Bouzoubaa
    12 órája

    He made a lot of mistakes for a "great lap" xD

    1. Joey Karate
      Joey Karate
      12 órája

      shut up

    2. les vidéos de vinké
      les vidéos de vinké
      12 órája

      Great dosen't mean perfect, almost no lap is but it's about how you manage to make small adjustments to extract the most out of it 👌🏾👌🏾

  31. Tushant S
    Tushant S
    12 órája


  32. Surya
    12 órája

    He's inconsistent that's it 🙄

  33. rääk
    12 órája

    Do you guys think Merc will hire their british golden boy George Russel for next year?

  34. Lukas Savescu
    Lukas Savescu
    12 órája

    Am I the only one who doesnt understand the red and white data line?😂😂

  35. elephant
    12 órája

    F1 why are you showing a faulty driver. You know that Azerbaijan , Monaco, imola, brazil 2007,etc were "CLEARLY" his faults

  36. Ganapathy Sooraj
    Ganapathy Sooraj
    12 órája

    Hope to see him next year in the Mercedes too

  37. Aron James Garcia
    Aron James Garcia
    12 órája

    I thought it was Martin who is speaking, but it's Alex instead. It seems his voice just like his father's during the late 90's commentating with Murray Walker.

  38. AzeTyler
    12 órája

    So what you're saying is neither of them are "Great Laps"?

    1. Sai Prathek
      Sai Prathek
      12 órája

      Yeah exactly

  39. Robin Visser
    Robin Visser
    12 órája

    In our country a Bottas is a snail

  40. Сalabrone
    12 órája

    sound please!

  41. Mark Allen
    Mark Allen
    12 órája

    Well, Valtteri could've driven a great lap in qualifying last race week...

  42. -TJ-
    12 órája

    Toto: Valtteri is capable of a 'great lap'?

  43. BryanLSY
    12 órája


  44. Rudi H
    Rudi H
    12 órája

    wow this breakdown is excellent. I love the telemetry addition

  45. Jacopo Tanzi
    Jacopo Tanzi
    12 órája


  46. A Random Internet User
    A Random Internet User
    12 órája

    The GP highlights with the most views since the 2021 French GP!

  47. Huigi
    12 órája

    Valtteri, it's James

  48. The Nush
    The Nush
    12 órája

    Winning French Grandprix, only way he can turn it around.! Triple header can make or break your season. Go for the win Valterri. Makes the championship more interesting.😎

  49. Viraat Paul
    Viraat Paul
    12 órája

    Is the admin here slightly trolling Bottas with all the 2022 switch news with Russel.

  50. Mythoraptor
    12 órája

    Red Bull: Gives you wiings Bottas's Porridge: Oh so you are approaching me?

  51. Ravevik
    12 órája

    half a second on the last corner sheesssh

  52. Daniele Galassini
    Daniele Galassini
    12 órája

    When Mercedes was silver😍

    1. The Nush
      The Nush
      12 órája

      May be Bottas doesn't like Black on his car.😂

    2. Vain ruffain
      Vain ruffain
      12 órája

      @ Daniele Galassini I understand your opinion, I hate the paintwork of Red Bull the same every year and of Ferrari the bright green is also terrible would have been better suited to Aston Martin Alpine has the most beautiful paintwork next to Alpha Tauri and Aston Martin

    3. Yury Molodtsov
      Yury Molodtsov
      12 órája

      @Vain ruffain Well, they had to start looking like villains after so many championships.

    4. Daniele Galassini
      Daniele Galassini
      12 órája

      @Vain ruffain the black Mercedes is really pretty, but it isn’t the original colour and for this reason it’s quite strange to see

    5. Marck Joross Boc
      Marck Joross Boc
      12 órája

      @Vain ruffain especially in the rain

  53. Derin Tık
    Derin Tık
    12 órája

    Moooore give us mooore like this

  54. abver09
    12 órája

    Gotta love the dose of telemetry data thrown my way

  55. Ferrari's Masterplan
    Ferrari's Masterplan
    12 órája

    Great analysis!

    1. Lucian C
      Lucian C
      12 órája

      Take notes Ferrari ! xD

  56. Son-Kun 悟空
    Son-Kun 悟空
    12 órája

    Can´t wait for the GP!😆

  57. Piotr Kobielus
    Piotr Kobielus
    12 órája


  58. Crappy Birdy
    Crappy Birdy
    12 órája


  59. Gofurjon Yuldashev
    Gofurjon Yuldashev
    12 órája

    Soon, Vettel flashbacks

  60. Bryce Fall
    Bryce Fall
    12 órája

    Bottas ma boi

  61. Fecal Ozor
    Fecal Ozor
    12 órája

    Vatteri Bottlas

  62. Marco Roberts
    Marco Roberts
    12 órája

    Is it me or are the 2014 engines even quieter than the ones now?

  63. Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys
    12 órája

    'Ok Valtteri you are fastest box box now' Valtteri: NoooOoOOOoooOOOO

  64. Mikhail Kalashnikov
    Mikhail Kalashnikov
    12 órája

    I miss the silver mercedes. The black one gives evil vibes

    1. Son-Kun 悟空
      Son-Kun 悟空
      12 órája

      I wouldn´t say that. I just think that black isn´t the right color for merc, but like you said: silver is. It´s like ferrari and red. Nobody want´s a green ferrari right?😅

    2. Stefanus Shikongo
      Stefanus Shikongo
      12 órája


  65. Szabolcs Lepár
    Szabolcs Lepár
    12 órája

    Damm im early

  66. sindujam
    12 órája

    Imagine if Merc treat Russel better than bottas it will be a disgrace

    1. chris _
      chris _
      12 órája


    2. _aragornyesyes_
      12 órája

      nah it'lll be a Lewis, Nico situation

    3. Kas Eshuis
      Kas Eshuis
      12 órája

      Depends on his pace

  67. Zain Ahmad
    Zain Ahmad
    12 órája

    If Bottas isn't at the sharp end in this race, I can't see Mercedes keeping him for the rest of the season. Russel's going to replace him.

    1. Jose' Sammut
      Jose' Sammut
      12 órája

      Let's pray 🙏

  68. PrinZ
    12 órája

    *I hope bottas will get a win this 2021 season* 5 percent chance

    1. PrinZ
      12 órája

      @MC Isti zenék i hope so

    2. MC Isti zenék
      MC Isti zenék
      12 órája

      @PrinZ Bottas going to win in Russia

    3. lennard_ games
      lennard_ games
      12 órája

      @PrinZ hè need win more

    4. Sadikur Rahman
      Sadikur Rahman
      12 órája

      @elephant Ferrari have been like that for the past decade and red bull…

    5. PrinZ
      12 órája

      @lennard_ games verstappen already won a race this 2021 season bruh Max fanboy

  69. Brum Racing
    Brum Racing
    12 órája

    Begin your comments about how terrible this track is: now

  70. FunMedia185
    12 órája

    I could run faster then this slow motion

  71. antoniodalise_
    12 órája

    We all hate this track

    1. 💜[•Gabry Benedict•]💜
      💜[•Gabry Benedict•]💜
      12 órája

      Yeah It's Boring

  72. Szillar
    12 órája


  73. Formulanews
    12 órája

    12th comment

  74. Rayan Patawari
    Rayan Patawari
    12 órája

    not sure if he can redo it in a *Williams*

  75. sindujam
    12 órája

    When there r more comments than views

  76. Gkกุหลาบ ไฮยเวย์
    Gkกุหลาบ ไฮยเวย์
    12 órája


  77. MrTech Suave
    MrTech Suave
    12 órája

    Fast AF!!

  78. Jb Mks
    Jb Mks
    12 órája


  79. Safri Anugrah
    Safri Anugrah
    12 órája

    30 detik yg lalu min.

  80. Sulfur Official YT
    Sulfur Official YT
    12 órája

    Could've chose anyother driver than Bottas

    1. Eoghan Burke
      Eoghan Burke
      12 órája

      They choose a different driver for every track lol