The Difference Between Teams' Power Units | F1 TV Tech Talk | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

12 000 Megtekintés 406 E

What's going on inside of an F1 team's power unit? Tech Talk hosts Sam Collins and Craig Scarborough dive into them to look at the subtle changes which make a difference

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  1. Jay Maz
    Jay Maz
    7 órája

    this guy needs to learn to pause he talks way to much in one go......verbal D

  2. Eron Sebastian Ermino
    Eron Sebastian Ermino

    So mercedes is using Wall-E as their engine

  3. Victor Rodriguez
    Victor Rodriguez

    The tech talks normally requieres captions. Please enable them, so many people can enjoy and like.

  4. Le Viet Thanh
    Le Viet Thanh
    2 napja

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    2 napja

    the way that guy stand there nodding his head constantly and occasionally doing his weird hand gestures is killing me😂

  6. Nitin Kanwar
    Nitin Kanwar
    2 napja

    I came here for the sticky-uppy bits!

  7. Scott Paul Hubbard
    Scott Paul Hubbard
    2 napja

    Why do we have to put up with Red bull saying that if you don't give us what we want we are out of F1 . So I for one hope that they do go back to selling drinks .

  8. PlateSmasher
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  9. Real
    3 napja

    After watching Scarbs on Peter Windsors channel for the last few years, I'm so happy he's getting to do stuff directly for F1. Absolutely deserving. Guy has insane indepth knowledge of these cars with a ton of history for context.

  10. siyz250
    4 napja

    Here's one for Scarb's & SC ((& all you F1 fans (especially F1 engine engineering fans)) Why don't any F1 teams/engine suppliers use liquid to air intercoolers with petrol as the liquid medium? I think the packaging advantage ((no water or air radiator (w to a system)(no massive air radiator)(a to a system)). You don't have to carry water cooling system as the medium is already onboard. I'm sure there are regs on how cold the fuel/petrol can be, but I'm sure if is was at its minimum it would have a decent cooling effect added to this the huge weight & drag savings....

  11. Victor M Gayou
    Victor M Gayou
    4 napja

    I did not know that Phil Collins's brother is a cool F1 specialist.

  12. Chris Orr
    Chris Orr
    4 napja

    Great series with Sam and Craig! give us more!

  13. Connor Faulds
    Connor Faulds
    4 napja

    “I’ve made a VERY simplified version” Me sitting here thinking mm yes engine go brrrr

  14. 33 Suhani Tulsiyani 6k
    33 Suhani Tulsiyani 6k
    4 napja

    4:58 thank me ,now

  15. Etienne Julius
    Etienne Julius
    4 napja

    This is great content guys. Thank you.

  16. sam Love
    sam Love
    4 napja

    that's why Honda is a rock whos coping an inferior design

  17. Wataru Otani
    Wataru Otani
    5 napja

    I want Honda to be involved in the F1 industry.

  18. Captain Patch
    Captain Patch
    5 napja

    Those cheeky sideways looks from Sam give me everything 😆

  19. Michael Jackson V
    Michael Jackson V
    5 napja

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  20. Agassi Fathurisma
    Agassi Fathurisma
    5 napja

    this is a fantastic video

  21. albin joseph
    albin joseph
    5 napja

    please do a video on "why teams using same power units have a very different performance like mercedes and Williams"??

  22. Joel Kreider
    Joel Kreider
    5 napja

    More. Of. This.

  23. Dan Bradnam
    Dan Bradnam
    6 napja

    Bring the turbo rotary into F1!

  24. Patrick Parisienne
    Patrick Parisienne
    6 napja

    Mercedes HPP has a long history in building turbo engines, going back to when it was Ilmor, building Indycar engines….

    1. Patrick Parisienne
      Patrick Parisienne
      4 napja

      @Shaun Stephens cool, but that was a separate entity, bring Daimler /Merc themselves. Motorsport wise, engines were always built by AMG, and staring in the 80’s, contracted to ILMOR for their Indycar ( badges as Chevrolet) and F1 engines, starting with the 1993 Sauber V10. ILMOR was bought out wholly by Mercedes in the V8 era….

    2. Shaun Stephens
      Shaun Stephens
      4 napja

      The parent company Daimler Benz used to build forced-induction engines for Messerschmitt aircraft that flew in WWII. They were amongst the most powerful for their weight.

  25. Tj930
    6 napja

    SCAAAAAAAaaaaaaaarbs!!!! Video credibility just went up a couple of notches 😃👍

  26. DemiQuad FPV
    DemiQuad FPV
    6 napja

    Cam shafts NEED to go! Bad for efficiency and bad for packaging. Give koenigsegg a call about Freevalve boys! Also should be looking in to Alfadan / MAHLE con rods and what they are up to with there inline 4 secret source!

  27. Arup Deb
    Arup Deb
    6 napja

    Hope to see them back where they were in 2020.. I just can't get them out 😭

  28. Davion Lutz
    Davion Lutz
    6 napja

    The left bag literally claim because santa postoperatively back than a grouchy greece. oceanic, paltry start

  29. Lefa
    6 napja

    Scarbs is the man.

  30. TheTheoristic
    6 napja

    renault: write that down, write that down!!

  31. Mike Oxmaul_21
    Mike Oxmaul_21
    6 napja

    Next is the sweet topic : They should cover more on the types of turbocharging setup that the constructors use ?

  32. SuperClearyPhoto
    6 napja

    I have no idea what they're talking about but I'm fascinated.

  33. Alina Bairamova
    Alina Bairamova
    6 napja

    Renault’s pu running on 800 rpm lower for increasing engine reliability. But it doesn't help much though

  34. Mile Tinič
    Mile Tinič
    6 napja

    Low RPM - LOW rwear rate ?

  35. EYAD
    6 napja

    Please ban split turbos, otherwise Mercedes will win the championship for ever

  36. Angel Soliz
    Angel Soliz
    6 napja

    La presión de los 2 redbull sobre Hamilton (porque Botas esta en otro mambo) esta siendo apabullante; aquello va a ocasionar que siga cometiendo errores. Redbull quiere que Verstapen salga campeón y que Checo haga el trabajo sucio con Hamilton. Por otro lado, toda latinoamerica quiere que Checo salga campeón. Saludos de Bolivia!!!

  37. Stuart Clark
    Stuart Clark
    6 napja

    A few questions for you and Scarbs. 1. How much impact does the airbox structure impact the effectiveness of the rear wing in F1? For example, Red Bull's Azerbaijan stepped rear wing seems to focus on generating downforce at the centre. Would the air box allow aero downforce to be generated at the centre at slow speed (eg 200km/h) reducing high speed drag? How much does Alpine's "I ate the cookies" air box alter this flow vs Red Bull's. 2. F1 ICE air inlets physically alter across the rev range to better tune the engine performance. What sort of length adjustment is made, and given the rate of rev change in F1 ICE's, how is this physically done? 3. Could a Ducati MotoGP Holeshot style manual suspension lowering system work on an F1 car, lowering the tail out off the line, and out of low speed corners? Would it be legal? I recall Martin Brundle making a comment about a car sitting down at the rear entering the main straight at Monaco (on replay at the time I agreed that it did look lower than normal).

  38. Pierre Tétreau
    Pierre Tétreau
    6 napja

    Very well done video guys thanks

  39. Chris Morris
    Chris Morris
    7 napja

    In 1981 I work for NTS Racing in LongBeach Ca. or Engine guy was Jim Ward was a old Offy guy and won at the speedway with Mark Donahue in i think 1973 ?? anyway they try a split Turbo on the Offy. the compressor on the Intake Side an the Turbine on the Ex. Side in the late 60 or early. this is not new.

  40. kb21
    7 napja

    Ugh Sam Collins is the worst Said noone ever!

  41. Jesse Brown
    Jesse Brown
    7 napja

    M.B. aluminum alloy, Scandium?

  42. Nicholas S
    Nicholas S
    7 napja

    Why is what was once the greatest sport in the world is so boring

  43. Piotrek
    7 napja

    Why we don't see rear cameras from Lance and Max?

  44. Procks_
    7 napja

    Absolutely love the Tech Talk guys. But I'll admit it got a tad confusing referencing Mercedes' split turbo origins in the middle of the Honda talk. Other than that, absolutely stellar segment and I can't wait for more.

    7 napja

    Finally not some watered down explanation on F1 tech. I can Nerd out on this for Hours

  46. Kyle Dammann
    Kyle Dammann
    7 napja

    Great show guys. Aside from gear changes on the paddles, How many times does an F1 driver have to make changes on the steering wheel per lap?

  47. saitamahonda
    8 napja

    Honda engine plating was done in Kumamoto (motorcycle department).

  48. Roxxlive Racing
    Roxxlive Racing
    8 napja

    So Merc watched the Wall-E Movie and designed there Engine after it intressting

  49. Stefan Weilhartner
    Stefan Weilhartner
    8 napja

    imagine to optimize a VW beatle boxer engine with actual tech but somehow stick to the layout of the original motor block. new materials, 3d printed light weight pistons, prechamber injection and ignition, port injection, isolated output ports to transport maximum heat to a turbo, combined with an electric generator. a compressor driven from an electric motor, or two. but maybe keeping it air cooled?

  50. JaeWoo Seo
    JaeWoo Seo
    8 napja

    A crucial part they skipped over is how the Honda engines were designed pre-2017. The most ingenious thing and perhaps dumb at the same time, about the size-zero engine was that the turbo compressor was within the V-bank. Also it wasn't just a normal automobile turbo compressor, it was an axial compressor. Obviously it failed but had it worked it would have been sick af.

  51. Stefan Szczygiel
    Stefan Szczygiel
    8 napja

    This is easily the best Tech Talk video.

  52. Ralph P.
    Ralph P.
    8 napja

    Please make Tech Talks an hour-long weekly show.

  53. Rishav Sharma
    Rishav Sharma
    8 napja

    This fascinating

  54. Agustín Lara
    Agustín Lara
    8 napja

    14:45 Ah yes the time Checo exploded

  55. Niels Gilles
    Niels Gilles
    8 napja

    If you want to learn more about the 2019 Ferarri engine you should watch a video of donut media named something like: how Ferrari got better without cheating. It really explains the fuel flow meter and how Ferarri took advantage of a blind spot in the systeem

  56. MoonInSun108
    8 napja

    "So, I've drawn some...simplified...Formula One engines." Sadly, a statement that hardly ever comes up in every-day conversation!

  57. Sean Peng
    Sean Peng
    8 napja


  58. Perry Caulkins
    Perry Caulkins
    8 napja

    At the end of the day, the engineers have the hardest job. They’re responsible for the driver AND the machine

  59. beachcomber
    8 napja

    For the sake of the sport, I hope the 2025 power unit is a naturally aspirated V10. The turbo hybrids are too expensive, too uneven in performance,, and don't sound as spectacular

  60. User 1
    User 1
    8 napja

    I want more. This is what I have been waiting for, the latest in Formula 1 ingenuity. I always wanted to learn the secrets of F1 Tech while it is fresh and new. Very Interesting. Formula 1 competition produces some of the best engineers more than any other industry.

  61. Alumno FPCM
    Alumno FPCM
    8 napja

    I'm still waiting for subtitles in Spanish!!!

  62. Greg Sampson
    Greg Sampson
    8 napja

    Why are the engine/power unit regulations written so tightly that innovation around broader engine architecture is stifled?

  63. TrappenWeisseGuy ;
    TrappenWeisseGuy ;
    9 napja

    I’m pretty sure that Mercedes were doing illegal oil burning in the first 4 years or so of the new formula. It’s the only rational explanation for how they were 2.2 to even 2.5 seconds a lap faster. They were very careful to not show this off, but when Rosberg and Hamilton were going at each other it would be on display. It also explains the “party modes”, where they could dial up as much power as they needed. I find it hard to believe that every single other team were incapable of giving them trouble. Not till many years later anyways. The fact that Ferrari had to result to flat out cheating to contend is very telling.

  64. Pannic
    9 napja

    It's amazing that Mercedes engineers invented WALL-E!

  65. Paul Gill
    Paul Gill
    9 napja

    I didn't know that Phil Collins knew so much about F1 engines. ;-)

  66. Clever Name
    Clever Name
    9 napja

    Just show us the HP differences between the teams 🙌

    9 napja

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏽 great INFORMATION❗👀

  68. Jamie Steal
    Jamie Steal
    9 napja

    Sad sticky uppy bits noises

  69. MoLottes
    9 napja

    Im actually surprised the engines are so different regarding intercooling and the air intake. I assumed the formula was so close that they were all very similiar

  70. Phipper Analysis
    Phipper Analysis
    9 napja

    Mercedes PU looks like WALL-E

  71. ZaphodBeebleBrox
    9 napja

    These two geeks need to come up with a podcast☺️

  72. sebulbathx
    9 napja

    I've noticed Renault sounds different to other cars. It sounds more electric more and mechanical than other cars. Anyone know why?

  73. Waiting For A Century
    Waiting For A Century
    9 napja

    And here I am, being proud of checking the valve clearance on my motorcycle.

  74. Asif Rahman
    Asif Rahman
    9 napja

    Boooo...bring back v10

  75. Carsten Englander
    Carsten Englander
    9 napja

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  76. Guido Haverkort
    Guido Haverkort
    9 napja

    First thing i thought of when i saw the mercedes power unit was Wall-E

  77. blooskys1
    9 napja

    Brake magic a bad idea for Mercades ? This is what was suspected in Bottas failure in monaco to remove the wheel from the car. This same process of over stressing the materials by excessive heat in the hub fused the wheel onto the car making it impossible to remove it duuring the race. This could have been brought about by driver racing style,track tempertures,the tight layout of the track, or leaving the brake majic on in the race.

  78. Rehaan Aatif
    Rehaan Aatif
    9 napja

    Is it me, or does the Mercedes PU look like Wall-E?

  79. Kieron Johnson
    Kieron Johnson
    9 napja

    Are power units more powerful than engines? How are they different?

    1. Sangita Chavan
      Sangita Chavan
      9 napja

      Lol power unit = engine

  80. Jose Henrique Brito
    Jose Henrique Brito
    9 napja

    Nice to see the techies in charge of Tech Talk

  81. Toni Siret
    Toni Siret
    9 napja

    This is about my level of technicality. So interesting, great job guys!

  82. Mrlopkeson
    9 napja

    Wow nice video about the 1990 power units! Or whatsup with the quality

  83. bbmas
    9 napja

    if the guy on the right hadn't acted as the auxillary pointer, none of that would have made sense.

  84. Csaba Kiss
    Csaba Kiss
    9 napja

    I would love to hear about the 2025 PU specs, if they exist yet

  85. mafiaboy87
    9 napja

    As my 2010 c-class already had a turbo, I’m surprised merc hpp had to approach the truck division for insight to turbos. Im not too familiar with them in themselves, but is it correct to assume that has something to do with the compression/boost being more on par with trucks than with road cars?

  86. PogChan
    9 napja

    I've been to Cranfield and seen the very Pegasus engine they talk about here and it is truly an engineering masterpiece; really cool that engineers may have taken inspiration from it.

  87. samuel fitzpatrick
    samuel fitzpatrick
    9 napja

    Great video guys excellent info about the power unit.

  88. The Real Alfalfa Male
    The Real Alfalfa Male
    10 napja

    What? Split turbos exist in regular AMG road cars now.

  89. O B
    O B
    10 napja

    I love this stuff! It's so funny how Sam Collins always listens so enthusiastically to Craig Scarborough! Sam should consider renaming himself to Noddy^^ haha

  90. Eidrik Nole
    Eidrik Nole
    10 napja

    Sam- "there are a lot of rumors about Mercedes opting for a split turbine layout" 5:32 He meant to say Ferrari, right?

    1. Sam S Collins
      Sam S Collins
      10 napja


  91. Calvin Braun
    Calvin Braun
    10 napja

    Ahhhh I hate it when you say power unit Just call it a fricken engine

    1. Sam S Collins
      Sam S Collins
      10 napja

      The engine is only part of the unit

  92. Rachnmat
    10 napja

    Very little detail an any of these explanations and in some respects totally wrong

  93. Меняйлов Михаил
    Меняйлов Михаил
    10 napja

    I want more tech talk about engines, please And suspension

  94. 菌鈴
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  95. Society Unplugged
    Society Unplugged
    10 napja

    7:30 When a rumor starts saying Mercedes engineers didn't know much about turbochargers in '2013-2012', you know it's not true. One of the key moments for Mercedes was designing and testing turbocharged engines in 2011 without knowing the specs. In 2012's summer break the FIA/F1 announced the engine specs for 2014; Mercedes was already ahead at this point.

  96. Carpov Alexandru
    Carpov Alexandru
    10 napja

    I love Sam. Such a smart and respectful guy

  97. rajesh kadupukotla
    rajesh kadupukotla
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    I can see these all the day

  98. Dee Plato
    Dee Plato
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    *SAM* Collins +1.... Move over Chris Harris. Sam has the sharp wit, great accent, great knowledge, *AND* much better hair!

  99. Nitya Singh
    Nitya Singh
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    VAMOS Checo!!!!!!

  100. giovanni carrasco
    giovanni carrasco
    10 napja

    In short: Honda are on the edge of engineering greatness but are about to leave the sport 😞

    1. Carbon Crank
      Carbon Crank
      3 napja

      Honda appears to be saying that the F1 engine program has dragged on their efforts to make the whole company carbon neutral by 2050, even though I won't be around by then anyway LOL. I'm assuming when they say they have reached agreements with Red Bull to use the technology what they're really saying is Red Bull is going to pay out the ying-yang for use of the technology. Also, they're going to continue to develop the engine until the end of this year and if one is freezing engine development next year so red bull will just be the manufacturer of the engines that Honda House designed. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if Honda engineers are offered but loads of money to work for Red Bull in the manufacturing plant to make sure it's the same as the Honda plant. I've heard Honda came up with a bit of Material Science Magic in developing coatings for the cylinder walls and other internal parts of the new engine with less distance between the cylinders. I've even read that the new engine is so efficient put the exhaust gas temperatures are enough lower that there's less energy to be captured by the turbo. Not a bad position to be in to be able to make combustion less efficient so the turbocharger will work better.

    2. Sam S Collins
      Sam S Collins
      10 napja

      pretty much