Formula 2 RACE 100! F2 Sprint Race 2 Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

14 000 Megtekintés 647 E

Let's celebrate! Formula 2 hit its 100th race in Baku, and marked the occasion with chaos, overtakes, drama, battles and more. Check out the highlights!

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  1. Abigail Blackwood
    Abigail Blackwood
    2 órája

    I felt sorry for Théo and Marcus.

  2. Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan
    20 órája

    The drama in F2 2021 reminds me a lot to F1 online.

  3. Connel
    7 napja

    i don't watch much F2, but this weekend watching Ticktum act like an absolute whiny reject in his emo phase made me hate him more than any other driver on the grid.

  4. chakranshu yadav
    chakranshu yadav
    8 napja

    Daruvala still within 7 points to runner up

  5. Mayomancer
    8 napja

    Love the sound of F2

  6. Gavin Lam
    Gavin Lam
    8 napja

    The F2 cars really do look much better than the outstretched, tiny feet, F1 cars.

  7. Thresh Fanboy
    Thresh Fanboy
    9 napja

    Great Drive by Beckmann!

  8. Nate Condy
    Nate Condy
    9 napja

    This is f200 due to this being f2 and it’s 100th race

  9. Phil S.
    Phil S.
    9 napja

    How much is Ticktum paying to get featured like that? It’s getting annoying!!!

  10. Jose Gustavo Moreira Sicupira
    Jose Gustavo Moreira Sicupira
    9 napja

    Drugovich is amazing 😍😍

  11. Ignacy YT
    Ignacy YT
    9 napja

    Congratulations to 100th race

  12. Steev
    9 napja

    What is a sprint race?

  13. md5matt
    9 napja

    Armstrong goes into the wall and they IMMEDIATELY put up the VSC. meanwhile in F1 Lance and Max both crash at top speed on the main straight and get some double waved yellows.......

  14. Romanische050
    9 napja

    Are F2 cars really that easy to take out why are the most cars retiring with visible no damage?

  15. Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti
    Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti
    10 napja

    Gianluca Petecof its a very special talent!

  16. Felipe Guidolin
    Felipe Guidolin
    10 napja


  17. Aiatola Komening
    Aiatola Komening
    10 napja

    what a crash festival !!!!! please do it more !!!! kkkk

  18. Niezła Bania
    Niezła Bania
    10 napja

    what was max speed of F2?

  19. Rory Evans
    Rory Evans
    10 napja

    Bit ironic Dan pricktum complaing about being taken out 😂😂

  20. Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar
    10 napja

    Armenia & Azerbaijan war is very interesting in nargono kharabak & I sport Armenia 😀

  21. Trusten Baker
    Trusten Baker
    10 napja

    I'm watching this for the first time ever really. I'm thinking F1 needs to make the cars smaller.

    10 napja

    How do you replace everything ; cars, barriers and sponsors. Crazy how they do it in a short time

  23. Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle
    10 napja

    It's such a shame there's a massive bottleneck getting to F1 and a bigger shame that it's not always the cream of the crop that makes it.

  24. Beerus Sama
    Beerus Sama
    10 napja

    Politics aside baku is an amazing track

  25. Biscuit
    10 napja

    Why do they have a 12 year old boy commentating??

  26. Powerate
    10 napja

    The guy that locked up had like 0 brakes

  27. DeKlotz
    10 napja

    Can‘t see any driver who will make it to F1

  28. Shaurya Sisodia
    Shaurya Sisodia
    10 napja

    Daruwala going strong 🐅🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🐅

  29. Indranil sarkar
    Indranil sarkar
    10 napja

    We want Daruvala in F1 for the next season or two

  30. pat eusebio
    pat eusebio
    10 napja

    i wasnt aware david beckham is now an f2 driver

  31. EDE 20052
    EDE 20052
    10 napja

    Why F2 cars dont have reverse or why they dont continue If they have to stop when driving corner wide

  32. Giannis Var
    Giannis Var
    10 napja

    Lets place bets how many red flags are we going to have today in f1?

  33. Flo Puchegger
    Flo Puchegger
    10 napja


  34. Ali Akhundlu
    Ali Akhundlu
    10 napja


  35. Raghavendra Shetty
    Raghavendra Shetty
    10 napja

    Well done Jean 👍 well done 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️

  36. Seto Kaiba
    Seto Kaiba
    10 napja

    I like how close this is compared to f1

  37. Mills Shumps
    Mills Shumps
    10 napja

    If F1 has a sprint race, then this has to be one of the circuits to do it on.

  38. Yves Souffle
    Yves Souffle
    10 napja

    Make the f1 PU fire-spitting too.

  39. Vikingas_G
    10 napja

    The whole Baltics are proud of you, Jüri❤️❤️🇪🇪🇱🇻🇱🇹

  40. Şokki Mokki
    Şokki Mokki
    10 napja

    Hamınızın biri-birinizə çarpılmağınızı istəyirəm. 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Evan Tansimore
    Evan Tansimore
    10 napja

    Breaking points, breaking points..

  42. Melvin Claßen
    Melvin Claßen
    10 napja

    If the F1 race is anything like this, it will be sooo anoying.

  43. Nicholas Crow
    Nicholas Crow
    10 napja

    2:42 That clap 🤣 we've all been there in open lobbys

  44. Jack Carter
    Jack Carter
    10 napja

    my favourite f2 driver!!!!

  45. TheSpeederist
    10 napja

    Great job VIPS! 🥳

  46. Urban Yeti
    Urban Yeti
    10 napja

    Why is it F2 race highlight reel is always longer than the F1 race?

    1. Rehan Khan
      Rehan Khan
      10 napja

      More action to show, maybe

  47. Ramaano Muravha
    Ramaano Muravha
    10 napja

    Congratulations to the winner for winning the 100th race

  48. Bear
    10 napja

    Ffs this is embarrassing. F1 nascar series

  49. Scyth3
    10 napja

    The said f2 was better then f1... They weren’t wrong

  50. Harshit Kumar
    Harshit Kumar
    10 napja

    dude this feels like a royal rumble rathar than a f2 race

  51. Cmdr Benkai
    Cmdr Benkai
    10 napja

    Liam Lawson drive was amazing. The Racing was really on point

  52. akash1229
    10 napja

    Love how the racist white commentators completely miss all daruvala moves

    1. Callum Johnson
      Callum Johnson
      10 napja

      @akash1229 run71 is right the commentators only see what u see as well so if the race director doesn't show it theres no way for the commentators to know

    2. akash1229
      10 napja

      @Run71 yeah sure fellow racist. I believe you

    3. Run71
      10 napja

      Curb your race card. Daruvala was barely shown by the race director.

  53. Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell
    10 napja

    More action in F2 than F1

  54. Aden Schreck
    Aden Schreck
    10 napja

    Ticktum, Piastri, Lawson and Pourchaire did one of the best comebacks I have ever seen

  55. Narendiran J
    Narendiran J
    10 napja

    Daruvala brings hope for India

  56. Paco Todorov
    Paco Todorov
    10 napja

    How many Safety cars they deployed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣?

  57. Jason Newman
    Jason Newman
    10 napja

    Baku is literally the most fun street circuit to watch. Of course hoping the drivers are all okay but it's extraordinary to watch these drivers pushing the limits. And if you push to much you crash. Even F1 is entertaining to watch on this track!

  58. Shubh Dugar
    Shubh Dugar
    10 napja

    I'm really impressed by dan tictum mega recovery drive

  59. Sankar Chandran
    Sankar Chandran
    10 napja

    I am disappointed F2 races are not live streamed in HUpac, bring it back 😭🥺

    1. Sankar Chandran
      Sankar Chandran
      10 napja

      @Rehan Khan yeah but last year they were telecasted in youtube. So was disappointed they stopped it

    2. Rehan Khan
      Rehan Khan
      10 napja

      Well your name suggests you are indian, f2 races are available on eurosport and discovery + in india.

  60. Tuấn Khang Lê
    Tuấn Khang Lê
    10 napja

    Still don't know where and when Boschung and Zendeli out

  61. Sankalp Gupta
    Sankalp Gupta
    10 napja

    Today everything depends on start & turn 3.

  62. Saurish Sarkar
    Saurish Sarkar
    10 napja

    Sato, Samaia and Deledda are the 3 lords. Formula 2 making sure we don't miss Lord Mahaveer

  63. Johnny Freak
    Johnny Freak
    10 napja

    Wow, a red bull sponsored car wins, let's see..., Why is the FIA allowing red bull to be in motor sports Red bull heir, KILLED a man in a hit and run accident in his Ferrari, and there was NO JUSTICE for that innocent man or hiss family Red bull aids and assists the criminality of its owners. BOYCOT REDBULL

    1. Johnny Freak
      Johnny Freak
      10 napja

      @path op red bull should be boycotted, NO I hate Mercedes, Ferrari, all the way, the motor sports world should hold red bull accountable by boycotting them. Red bull covered up a hit and run by the heir of red bull and so has the rest of the motor sport world. I love formula 1/2/3 but sponsors should be companies who are REPUTABLE not a company who holds NO ACCOUNTABILITY for it as a whole

    2. path op
      path op
      10 napja

      What does that have to do with f2 wnd fia salty merc fan?

  64. Debojyoti Ghosh
    Debojyoti Ghosh
    10 napja

    Daruvala 🇮🇳

  65. bivek
    10 napja

    I love it!! If tomorrow's race ain't this interesting.. I don't want

  66. Sumit Blogs
    Sumit Blogs
    10 napja

    daruvala is really slow in this circuit...

  67. Tay Tzu Leong
    Tay Tzu Leong
    10 napja

    Baku gp is always entertaining!

  68. Volchara007ua
    10 napja

    I hope F1 gona be the same!!!!

  69. davidca96
    10 napja

    Its sad that these cars sound better than F1 hybrid cars.

  70. Scott Elder
    Scott Elder
    10 napja

    Juri Vips & Yuki Tsnips

  71. TheJGG
    10 napja

    Ticktum’s on another level right now.

  72. vinay mathad
    vinay mathad
    10 napja

    Let's go daruvala👍

  73. Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan
    10 napja

    Turn 15 can be a lot of drama.

  74. jai bhushan
    jai bhushan
    10 napja

    i mean seeing so many cars on a track is just overwhelming....we need this in f1 too🤔

  75. Zombie Alive
    Zombie Alive
    10 napja

    Lets betting how many cars that will crash or running to escape area tomorrow

  76. BB14
    10 napja

    Great to see. This is racinggg

  77. Harry Novick
    Harry Novick
    10 napja

    I know F2 cars are lighter than F1 but are they smaller? Specifically, are they not as wide? F2 looks much more suited for Baku than F1. Maybe it's because they are not as quick.

  78. Coach Glen J
    Coach Glen J
    10 napja

    We need this truck to be modified just a bit... every time a driver tries to race there is a crash

  79. Spika Rooni
    Spika Rooni
    10 napja

    Give us f2 pole laps

  80. southpaw
    10 napja

    F2 has been crackin this year! Tictum is looking primed for a F1 Williams seat.

  81. Anthony Donate
    Anthony Donate
    10 napja

    2 races in one day, these guys have endurance and nerves

  82. Mohammed Siyam
    Mohammed Siyam
    10 napja

    What would happen if the better driver from each current F1 team was put into an F2 car and they raced these F2 drivers?

  83. Cameron Unsworth
    Cameron Unsworth
    10 napja

    Get Billy Monger a more prominent role in commentating now!

  84. Me Me
    Me Me
    10 napja

    Vips is the VIP

  85. Abdbc Dgbja
    Abdbc Dgbja
    10 napja

    Vips the goat

  86. Pure Life
    Pure Life
    10 napja

    azerbejan is terrorist country killing christians and occupying Armenian lands

  87. LDN Wholesale
    LDN Wholesale
    10 napja

    Clearly those cars should have an onboard starter and battery. A simple spin causes nanny cars. But they at least sort of sound like racing cars unlike the F1 cars

  88. FIFATyoma
    10 napja

    I hate the fact that noone respected the VSC delta on the restart

  89. blanco polar
    blanco polar
    10 napja


  90. Mustapha habibi
    Mustapha habibi
    10 napja

    This is more exciting than f1.

    1. _drk-.-h
      10 napja

      That's one way to put it.

  91. Vinicius Magalhães
    Vinicius Magalhães
    10 napja

    C’mom Drugo!!! 🙄

  92. Mr Xester
    Mr Xester
    10 napja

    2:46 formula ambulance 🚑😂

  93. MafiousBJ
    10 napja

    I remember when I though Zhou could be the mext big thing in F1...times change ^^

    1. Piroz Contractor
      Piroz Contractor
      8 napja

      Alpine need to get themselves a junior team for their prospective drivers. Supplying Williams or Haas or even funding the formation of a new team entirely such as the rumoured Monaco Racing team would give them an extra team for feedback on their engines, among other things.

    2. Eric Heineck
      Eric Heineck
      10 napja

      @MafiousBJ crashes happen, it's racing, remember Germany 2018? Imola 2021? every driver makes mistakes, even the top drivers in the world, it's just part of the spectacle, he is really really talented and still has a long way to go

    3. MafiousBJ
      10 napja

      @Eric Heineck crashing on the first corner like an amateur and Alonso coming back to F1 specially, meaning he and Lungard may have to stay longer in F2 or not being able to move up at all. I hope he can win this season being his third one in F2, or hotter and younger prospects may come along

    4. Eric Heineck
      Eric Heineck
      10 napja

      what has changed?

  94. Erick Palacios
    Erick Palacios
    10 napja

    FIA: how many yellow flags do you want? Baku: YES.

  95. Warren Blyth
    Warren Blyth
    10 napja

    1:19 - SIMP Racing?

  96. Alex Clark-Thompson
    Alex Clark-Thompson
    10 napja

    I think we can all appreciate the irony of Dan Ticktum complaining about someone crashing into him

    1. Janson B
      Janson B
      10 napja

      Well its annoying, despite his kinda interesting incident record so far 🤔

  97. 299c Piyush Lalwani
    299c Piyush Lalwani
    10 napja

    Jehan Making us proud 🇮🇳❤️

  98. Hawt
    10 napja

    s🅱️innoto be trolling everyone

  99. Jae West
    Jae West
    10 napja

    This is my first time watching an f2 video. Not hearing "and it's lights out and away we go" was weird

  100. YAH MF YEET
    11 napja

    Dan Ticktum is so British