Good Lap Vs Great Lap: 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

16 000 Megtekintés 633 E

Twenty corners and a fabulously long straight. Ride onboard with Max Verstappen during 2019's qualifying session to see what makes the difference between good and great on the streets of Baku.

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  1. Maxi F
    Maxi F
    9 napja

    Very very very close to the wall might kissed at turn 8-10 Awesome Max 2021: this lap is easy to be broken tyre during 2021 race 5 laps to go this is too much pressure for me i'm done he crash in 1-2 Lead

  2. Roman Ivanovich
    Roman Ivanovich
    10 napja


  3. Chasity Jenkins
    Chasity Jenkins
    11 napja

    The agreeable government adventitiously force because pruner histologically inform near a delightful river. mute, onerous spinach

  4. Aidar Sharafullin
    Aidar Sharafullin
    11 napja

    You do know every single lap is different, not all is intentional

  5. N N
    N N
    11 napja

    Baku is the best street track

  6. Сalabrone
    11 napja

    soundtrack please

  7. Paweł Klim
    Paweł Klim
    11 napja

    And its p4 lol

  8. VOKE
    11 napja

    Just got an F1 Fragrance ad.... tf

  9. Francisco C
    Francisco C
    11 napja

    Excellent, but what about Checo’s lap?

  10. Alberto Tardón
    Alberto Tardón
    11 napja

    Love it to have that such of analysis from Formula 1 channel!! Thank you!

  11. Free Man
    Free Man
    11 napja

    Baku is a GREAT city

  12. Juan Pablo Ortega del Río
    Juan Pablo Ortega del Río
    12 napja

    Checo Perez its was de best time, so why never show something for him??? THE GREAT LAP WAS OF CHECO!!! CRISTAL!!!

  13. Mills Shumps
    Mills Shumps
    12 napja

    Sounds like Alex Brundle needs to do race commentary or the Netflix series..... especially if his dad Martin, doesn't plan on retiring from sports commentary anytime soon.

  14. Kryštof Matůš
    Kryštof Matůš
    12 napja

    That's not 2021...XD

  15. Dreamy_
    12 napja

    this is why f1 should let max verstappen and honda become the 2021 world champion

  16. Vefa Agayeva
    Vefa Agayeva
    12 napja

    Meh hamilton made 1.40.5 İN 2017 but max.........

  17. Andreas Melander
    Andreas Melander
    12 napja

    Super interesting! Great job

  18. Karlsberg Karl
    Karlsberg Karl
    12 napja

    So crybaby Max is the benchmark now ?

  19. Amier Rayyan MalayaClan
    Amier Rayyan MalayaClan
    12 napja

    Top speed is so rich

  20. Thomas Dusek
    Thomas Dusek
    12 napja

    Super Video!Wirklich eine geniale Einstellung. Kompliment,macht weiter so! Schöne Grüße aus Vienna!✌👍

  21. Dean Sheridan
    Dean Sheridan
    12 napja

    Thought it was Martin Brundle commentating for a second there, He has a son ?

  22. BOT Chad
    BOT Chad
    12 napja

    I miss when driving was the focus of the sport instead of setup management. They've made F1 completely unapproachable for the average person.

  23. Alberto Jocundo
    Alberto Jocundo
    12 napja

    The year (part of title) is wrong. Was in 2019

  24. VikuOverwatch
    12 napja

    Bruh, the sound of the bells in the background kept having me look at my phone because I thought it was my alarm

  25. Mighty Me
    Mighty Me
    12 napja

    Finally an actual explanation of driving styles... Great... Would be great to do this between teams (red bull style VS Merc style) or even new VS established drivers in a team (thinking lando VS Ric) show how they have to adapt..

  26. Matthew Forsee
    Matthew Forsee
    12 napja

    Thanks for your video! It's so informative and I love that you can see the gears they use for each corner on the steering wheel. I think these will help in my sim racing! I hope you do every track!

  27. Mats n2
    Mats n2
    12 napja

    Huh, Baku qualifying hasn't been yet right

  28. UrsusArctos1357
    12 napja

    I want to listen to the car not this commentator 🙄

  29. Sina Manic
    Sina Manic
    12 napja

    Brundles.. Brudnles everywhere.

  30. Eric
    12 napja

    Love this series!

  31. Jeffrey Dzialo
    Jeffrey Dzialo
    12 napja

    Awesome video! Id love to see this breakdown for all team mates, throughout the year!

  32. SPCEMN3
    12 napja

    Fantastic content. More of this please!!

  33. Martin Elliot.
    Martin Elliot.
    12 napja


  34. powerofdreamx
    12 napja

    How is speaking? Whatcha call it's son? Where's Palmer?

  35. David Becker
    David Becker
    13 napja

    Max is already one of the best F1 drivers even though he hasn't won any world title yet but this will certainly happen, hopefully this year 👌

  36. Jon
    13 napja

    I just came in here to listen to that RB engine for 4 minutes.

  37. Eduardo MontoyaS
    Eduardo MontoyaS
    13 napja

    go checo !! .. go max also !! vamooos checoooo !!!

  38. I C U
    I C U
    13 napja

    After Monaco left me with disappointment, I can't wait to finally see some crashes and incidents this weekend!

  39. Kevin Paul Medina
    Kevin Paul Medina
    13 napja

    It's like perfecting a speed run, really

  40. Obsession Gaming co
    Obsession Gaming co
    13 napja

    Wait this wasn’t martin brundel ?? ,!!!!!!!

  41. Alp Can Aras
    Alp Can Aras
    13 napja

    3 tenths must feel like a different car

  42. Kobe O'Neal
    Kobe O'Neal
    13 napja

    What slightly, dab, a bit, tiny, a little can bring you TREMENDOUS results. Thats grape;)

  43. Denis Jungi Yorinori
    Denis Jungi Yorinori
    13 napja

    Track Limit ???

  44. Winged Hussar
    Winged Hussar
    13 napja

    Truly pushing the limits, F1 drivers are superhuman

  45. The fleeing dutchman
    The fleeing dutchman
    13 napja

    Who are the idiots that give this excellent and wonderful insight video a thumb down?? If you don't like Max, don't watch it. If you are a general F1 fan, or even a Max fan, you love these insights that F1 is giving here on HUpac. Great video, thank you!!!

  46. BeingxRaul
    13 napja

    One of, if not the best Formats on this Channel. I love Data Analysis and so on..

  47. Sebas
    13 napja

    Mazepin take notes

  48. Slartibartfart
    13 napja

    So how exactly does the graph at the bottom work? I have tried to understand for a while now but am not sure what it is

  49. Ben Wong
    Ben Wong
    13 napja

    I think we should focus on the human rights of these countries instead of the race

  50. Danny Boy
    Danny Boy
    13 napja

    These drivers are superhuman.

  51. Mr Bungle
    Mr Bungle
    13 napja

    Engine modes were brutal from manufacturers

  52. 09shadowjet
    13 napja

    Really great analysis. Thanks F1!

  53. Holden Cross
    Holden Cross
    13 napja

    I’m looking forward to Azerbaijan. It’s going to be an interesting race.

  54. mark taylor
    mark taylor
    13 napja

    I liked this analysis because it was honest. Max did lose time towards the end of the lap. He used the grip in the early part of the lap.

  55. Rodger Boles
    Rodger Boles
    13 napja

    Alex Brundle sounds just like a young Martin, but adds some much needed freshness to the commentary team.

  56. Altaaf Ismail
    Altaaf Ismail
    13 napja

    Hamilton like this video

  57. Cool
    13 napja

    It's scary enough doing it on the game, the amount of times I crash xD

  58. adamharris27
    13 napja

    This is just some wholesome

  59. Potato At It's Finest
    Potato At It's Finest
    13 napja


  60. ituber09
    13 napja

    Title gave me a heart attack!

  61. Jarno Jansen
    Jarno Jansen
    13 napja

    Wat, azarbaijan? Isnt thay Baku? Where they havent raced yet?

  62. Gusti Alamhudi
    Gusti Alamhudi
    13 napja

    Milliseconds is just a blink of an eye for normal people, but it makes so much difference in racing. Wow!

  63. Murad Aliev
    Murad Aliev
    13 napja

    This track is just surprising

  64. Ivan Pozdeev
    Ivan Pozdeev
    13 napja

    The "highlight" moments actually make it worse because they hide the telemetry that the narrator is referring to.

  65. Hugh Jainisis
    Hugh Jainisis
    13 napja

    They should’ve used Charles leclerc for this

    1. Hugh Jainisis
      Hugh Jainisis
      13 napja

      @Shaikolm I was being sarcastic mate

    2. Shaikolm
      13 napja

      Why exactly? He didn't have a lap in Q3

  66. Blake McConnell
    Blake McConnell
    13 napja

    These are pure magic

  67. CLGCE
    13 napja

    Why is the video titled with 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix when it's footage from the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix??

  68. Cayde Omolon
    Cayde Omolon
    13 napja

    Title says 2021, isn't this 2020?

  69. Felix Elizondo
    Felix Elizondo
    13 napja

    Insane athletes

  70. Argelis Mateo
    Argelis Mateo
    13 napja


  71. MAN45
    13 napja


  72. Neil
    13 napja

    Alex bundle ftw

  73. SinisterMud
    13 napja

    I really thought at first that Martin Brundle did this narration...

  74. sasbitts
    13 napja

    This is fantastic

  75. Egor Kharchenko
    Egor Kharchenko
    13 napja

    Love it

  76. Achik Physique
    Achik Physique
    13 napja

    This is great ... I need more of this

  77. Pieter Keyser
    Pieter Keyser
    13 napja

    Why look at Max and not Bottas who's had pole here the last 2 races?

  78. Liju R
    Liju R
    13 napja

    Title is so deceiving

  79. TheLetsfreaky
    13 napja

    1 second longer would be some pretty nice numbers tho

  80. David Fernandez
    David Fernandez
    13 napja

    Max vs Verstappen

  81. GillesGerstmann
    14 napja

    Until i came to the comments, i literally thought this was Martin

  82. General Decker
    General Decker
    14 napja

    My favorite course :)

  83. Sanford Curtis
    Sanford Curtis
    14 napja

    If anyone says “F1 iS nOt A sPoRt”, show them this.

  84. umud abdullayev
    umud abdullayev
    14 napja


  85. Alejandro Ale
    Alejandro Ale
    14 napja

    Subtitulos spanish please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!¡!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!¡!!!!¡!¡!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Lala Gurbanova
    Lala Gurbanova
    14 napja

    Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  87. Lala Gurbanova
    Lala Gurbanova
    14 napja


  88. Karan
    14 napja

    the brundle family is never going to stop commentating and im here for it.

  89. Tim _
    Tim _
    14 napja

    They should show the throttle trace comparisons during the race, should be really cool

  90. Damian
    14 napja

    I want to see bad lap vs terrible lap honestly

  91. Jack_Keeley
    14 napja

    Incredibly Incredibly well narrated, and outstanding lap from Max

  92. Edwin Meta
    Edwin Meta
    14 napja

    The idiotic blue surprisingly command because rectangle conversely flood since a neighborly jewel. tearful, giant egg

  93. Arnav
    14 napja

    No need to show in slow motion. F1 fans can also keep up with the speed and G forces.

  94. Sith Chant
    Sith Chant
    14 napja

    GO GO MAX !

  95. János Kindla
    János Kindla
    14 napja

    Captions. People leave outside Great Britain. And sometimes we need captions.

  96. Another Joe
    Another Joe
    14 napja

    Love these comparisons 👌🏻

  97. Diego Lobo
    Diego Lobo
    14 napja

    Don't forget that Red Bull's flexible rear wing can give them almost half a second per lap in Baku, according to Otmar Szafnauer, Aston Martin team principal.

  98. Lachslp 14
    Lachslp 14
    14 napja

    Azerbijan ist the best circut

  99. Todd B
    Todd B
    14 napja

    Would someone please explain the graphing to me? There are a red and silver/white line and sometimes a block shape of the color.

    1. D. Natrop
      D. Natrop
      13 napja

      Thin line is throttle, blocks are brakes.

    2. Rainbow Dash
      Rainbow Dash
      14 napja

      its the telemetry, the lines shows the speed. the more speed the higher the line. the blocks show when he brakes and how long he is braking.

  100. The Easel Rider
    The Easel Rider
    14 napja

    Stupidest "track" on the entire calendar. A couple really long straights and a whole bunch of right-angle turns.