Max’s Crash, High-Speed Duels, And The Best Onboards | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix | Emirates

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Relive the most exciting action in Baku from the perspective of the drivers - presented by Emirates

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  1. JVA
    17 órája

    Get the super license away from MazeSpin

  2. Nelson Mejias Lozada
    Nelson Mejias Lozada
    20 órája

    10:14 final Paul Walker scene

  3. Marvin Fev
    Marvin Fev

    Quel petit enfoiré de fils a papa frustré ce mazepin! Je suis son coéquipier quand je rentre au stand il prend une baffe ce petit con

  4. James Hackett Music
    James Hackett Music

    Lewis: gotta remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. Gotta be measured in how aggressive we go. *immediately goes full on aggressive, and we know what happened next!

  5. 安兵衛


  6. Darklocksly

    Pirelli blaming debris on track. Take your fricking responsibility for once in your existence. Ps: Letting a tier company research their own tiers and expecting a honest answer :)

  7. joseph munoz
    joseph munoz
    2 napja

    Yuki was legit drifting haha , what a mad man @ 7 minute exactly

  8. SGYT Gaming
    SGYT Gaming
    2 napja

    Is it just me does the Aston Martin wheel look more like the Ferrari Wheel since Seb joined?

  9. MrWadrO Rodriquez
    MrWadrO Rodriquez
    2 napja

    That Alpha Tauri is so quick insane

  10. MrWadrO Rodriquez
    MrWadrO Rodriquez
    2 napja

    I love Gasly. What a beast.

  11. Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan
    2 napja

    Cant belive that 2021 Baku has tons of drama.

  12. William plays
    William plays
    3 napja


  13. ORX4N4LGIN
    3 napja


  14. ORX4N4LGIN
    3 napja


  15. mark gonsalves
    mark gonsalves
    3 napja

    I wish that every F1 Grand prix would be as exciting as Baku. Unlike last race Monaco.

  16. Pedro Saulys
    Pedro Saulys
    3 napja

    1:43 when the Vtec kicks in

  17. emziğim yok
    emziğim yok
    3 napja

    "you have to leave space all the time" our boy fernando: 7:27

  18. Raphael Øne
    Raphael Øne
    4 napja

    Baku never dissapoint

  19. Charismatic Enigma
    Charismatic Enigma
    4 napja

    1:43 why Charles didnt moved to the left?

  20. Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan
    4 napja

    This track sometimes not disappoint us.

  21. kashish damle
    kashish damle
    4 napja

    @F1, Two races in Baku Please 🙏🏼

  22. Harold P
    Harold P
    4 napja

    No curse for Yuki this time. HAHA

  23. mart f
    mart f
    4 napja

    Seariously... Even if its in low resolution, I STILL CAN SEE THAT IT'S NOT REAL FOOTAGE. IT'S CLEARLY COMPUTER MADE .

    1. Der Riethelm
      Der Riethelm
      18 órája


  24. 0825 m
    0825 m
    4 napja


  25. Charles Leclerc BR
    Charles Leclerc BR
    5 napja

    Esse carro da ferrari é uma porcaria!!! fala serio!!

  26. Alessandro Ferreira
    Alessandro Ferreira
    5 napja

    Hamilton: ok verstappen, be the champion Verstappen: I don't think so

  27. mr viking23
    mr viking23
    5 napja

    mazapin is the worst pilot in f1 ever.....daddys pride...

  28. Maxime Lerand
    Maxime Lerand
    5 napja

    Tsunoba its so sick

  29. Papa Grounds
    Papa Grounds
    5 napja

    Vettel took it to the heart: "I once was ahead of Gasly, I'll *be* ahead of Gasly!"

  30. ジータベ
    5 napja


  31. love bato
    love bato
    5 napja

    have it swerved to the left max would have been killed

  32. Oliver B
    Oliver B
    5 napja

    The sound of the engines is really pathetic. My cordless lawnmower sounds better.

    1. mart f
      mart f
      4 napja

      Its not real life images. Its video game

  33. Ivan McCascker
    Ivan McCascker
    5 napja

    Mazepin is the BEST!!!

  34. Christian King
    Christian King
    5 napja

    Bottas getting bullied by Alonso and Raikkonen 😂

  35. Heiko
    5 napja

    "This is a marathon not a sprint"... sprints directly off of the track xD

  36. Manu
    5 napja

    The RPM pump-up when he gets the tow... WOW 1:41

  37. Trex H
    Trex H
    5 napja

    This guy 2:03 and this guy 6:36 should deliver tofu to take the corner smoothly

  38. james pisano
    james pisano
    5 napja

    Was a fun race. Love road circuits.

  39. Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden
    5 napja

    Alonso and Raikkonen are still gangsters 😎😎

  40. brtnspn
    5 napja

    YAY, NO MORE annoying sound effects!!!

  41. Kendra Mckinney
    Kendra Mckinney
    5 napja

    The unusual bike pharmacodynamically boil because trunk jointly complain mid a boundless cave. puzzled, defective avenue

  42. Carl Estepa
    Carl Estepa
    5 napja

    Arguing at 350kph+

  43. tmnt
    5 napja

    loling at your channel, why should i watch this wen there is lego version of it published faster.

  44. Dive Entertainment
    Dive Entertainment
    5 napja

    06:26 In 2012 this was a normal thing when a Sauber overtook a Mercedes

  45. Kore
    5 napja

    Has Mazepin been punished for that yet? 4:50 Literally trying to make him crash, looking directly at him. Disgusting.

    1. cinegraphics
      3 napja

      That's nothing compared to what Lewis did to Ricciardo in Monaco.

    2. Third Asian
      Third Asian
      3 napja

      @Jürgen Peter sheeesh, just like Michael against Rubens 2010 Hungary eh?

    3. Hjembrent Kent
      Hjembrent Kent
      4 napja

      @hermit They talked to Max and explained that's not how we do things here and he listened.

    4. hermit
      4 napja

      Was max punished for doing that to kimi in spa?

    5. Jürgen Peter
      Jürgen Peter
      5 napja

      Guys like him should never ever sit behind the wheel of a race car or any car, being responsible for the life of others!

  46. Jacob Stewart
    Jacob Stewart
    5 napja

    I love the onboards.

  47. Kenneth Kramer
    Kenneth Kramer
    5 napja

    Having pirelli check their own tires is like me grading myself in school

  48. Ayo Bro
    Ayo Bro
    5 napja

    Bro why HAAS car so Slow

  49. Juan Veras
    Juan Veras
    5 napja

    Bruh what was mazepin tryna do there

  50. Dennis P.
    Dennis P.
    5 napja

    Alonso: "All the time you have to leave a space!" Also Alonso: 7:27

  51. Nahude Boy
    Nahude Boy
    5 napja

    Gasly Nice with Lecler

  52. Boz Boz
    Boz Boz
    5 napja

    Mazuspin is everything wrong with f1...billionaire boys club

  53. tweakradje
    6 napja

    Why couldn't Max rejoin? New nose and new tires and go. Must have been red flagged one lap earlier maybe?

  54. leorris89
    6 napja

    I like how Sainz came back to the track to protect Tsunoda

  55. Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez
    6 napja

    Dude goes from p18 to p4, but all they show of Stroll is his crash.

  56. Simon Desjardins
    Simon Desjardins
    6 napja

    The Mazepin reality show: last contender who didn't swear at him win it all.

  57. Leo Ducreux
    Leo Ducreux
    6 napja

    How on earth the best battle of the race is in 9th place

  58. Andrea Pellegrino
    Andrea Pellegrino
    6 napja

    Finally got to see giovinazzi's start, amazing!

  59. Navik Resakas
    Navik Resakas
    6 napja

    Alonso didn't lose his touch of magic. What a monster in 2 laps, super GOAT.

  60. Mo
    6 napja

    No onboard of perez at the race start???? He went from P7 to P3 on the first lap...

  61. Sarah Garratt
    Sarah Garratt
    6 napja

    Perez deserved that win and the team deserved 1-2 so sad for Max

  62. Leandro Salias
    Leandro Salias
    6 napja

    Is there a single soul still defending Mazepin's seat on the F1? He should be back to F2 or race in another series like Formula E

  63. ViewyFFA
    6 napja

    That nikita massivespin guy is a yoke.

  64. Salah Alsulaiman
    Salah Alsulaiman
    6 napja

    Amazing video ❤

  65. Tah Sin
    Tah Sin
    6 napja

    one of the best circuit in f1 calendar!!

  66. Elon Musk
    Elon Musk
    6 napja

    6:22 Out of the way Merc, I wanna catch that Renault or Alpine or whatever it's called

  67. Elon Musk
    Elon Musk
    6 napja

    5:40 When you have to defend against a Alfa and suddenly a Merc appears

  68. Elon Musk
    Elon Musk
    6 napja

    0:22 how bad is the Williams driver..

  69. Forza Gary
    Forza Gary
    6 napja

    no penalty for going past the crash full throttle. absolutely unacceptable

  70. Clément Rose
    Clément Rose
    6 napja

    You can actually hear the tyre makes a sound just before Max starts to have some problems. Aaaaah Pirelli... how can these guys still be the tire manufacturer for the F1... michelin tires are sooo much better for racing...

    1. cinegraphics
      3 napja

      Pirelli tires are superior (and expensive) because they come with a special small explosive device inside, which the F1 race director can activate at any moment :))

  71. Rahadian Kelik Prayoga
    Rahadian Kelik Prayoga
    6 napja

    Really?? Is that Ferrari?! One of the world’s finest supercar builder?!

  72. Ricky Henderson
    Ricky Henderson
    6 napja

    Tsunoda just got a lesson of what F1 drivers do when it's 2 laps to go. That was real elbows out racing. Was a fun race and full of drama. I can't wait for the 2022 cars and circuits like these 😍 Also, I agree, that move by Maz was waaaaaay too aggressive on Schumi. Especially teammates.

  73. Smith 96
    Smith 96
    6 napja

    That little tow for Gasly behind Leclerc, wow, what a game changer for Gasly to defend of P3

  74. LeMe
    6 napja

    Are they deliberately delaying the video compared to the audio to make some cars seem slower/faster than they are? If you look at the shifts with Tsunoda 7 minutes in, the audio's right on visible shift up or down. But say with Alonso before that, the audio comes before the shift happens...

  75. The Stig
    The Stig
    6 napja

    Listen 10.29 there is a weird sound before Max tyre failure maaaaybe it's a debris from Stroll that causing tyre failure

  76. The Stig
    The Stig
    6 napja

    Look at Alonso so late and confidence in the brake,like seeing Ricciardo divebomb

  77. FaZe Ridge
    FaZe Ridge
    6 napja

    Mazepin should have a race ban. That’s unbelievably dangerous especially as that straight can get the cars up to 240mph

  78. Enter the Bully
    Enter the Bully
    6 napja

    Lol - Bottas getting overtaken by everyone... to all the haters..

  79. Shane McCarthy
    Shane McCarthy
    6 napja

    Surely Hamilton’s ‘it’s not a marathon…’ line was to get red bull thinking he wasn’t going to send it into T1 when all along that was his exact plan…. we’ve seen these tactics before with the ‘these tyres are shot Bono’ line

  80. Matt Bobrowski
    Matt Bobrowski
    6 napja

    1:40 that slipstream woooow

  81. Nived
    6 napja

    2:38 Sainz is protecting tsundo by parking the ferrari in center( Red means danger ahead)

  82. Aizat Zainuddin
    Aizat Zainuddin
    6 napja

    Alonso and Vettel are my favourite in the race. Malaysian said, "Otai masih berbisa".

  83. Probably Not Leo
    Probably Not Leo
    6 napja

    When Pierre said that he will make sure to stay ahead of Charles at 2019, he wasn’t joking.

  84. Zack Freeman
    Zack Freeman
    6 napja

    Raikkonen seriously overtook bottas in a Alfa Romeo?? Unbelievable.

  85. Big Yikes
    Big Yikes
    6 napja

    4:45 watch how Mazepin just looks in his mirrors and tries to put Schumacher into the wall at 300kph+

  86. Aqillah Drachman
    Aqillah Drachman
    6 napja

    why does Yuki crash every race ?

  87. ianicorn
    6 napja

    what happened to lewis on lap 50? I don't know anything about f1 and not much about cars but I would like to know

    1. Xian Mikel Ocampo
      Xian Mikel Ocampo
      3 napja

      He accidentaly pressed a magic button that makes the brakes go forwards causing the front tires to lock up.

  88. Tommo
    6 napja

    Bit naughty that from Fernando at 7:26

    1. Adam Hjadlovský
      Adam Hjadlovský
      4 napja

      I think there is rule that if the driver in front is in front with more than half of their car they can change direction once between each corner and the driver behind has to pull off the throttle. And this was it. Tsunoda wasn't next to Alonso so he had to slow down because Alonso was the one picking racing line. IMO. Correct me if I am wrong.

  89. kskdtr
    6 napja

    wow... schumacher was about to be schumachered

  90. Patrick Cavanagh
    Patrick Cavanagh
    6 napja

    They used to say you know you are getting old when policemen looked like they just came out of school, Now its F1 drivers.

  91. TAMER C
    6 napja

    engine sound 1/10.

  92. Ronen Beniaminov
    Ronen Beniaminov
    6 napja

    stroll: red flag get me out of the track. max: getting up

  93. Missaka Iddamalgoda
    Missaka Iddamalgoda
    6 napja

    7:23 Alonso Closing the door on Yuki was just Perfect.

  94. Keith Martens
    Keith Martens
    6 napja

    What happened? We need to know...

  95. Richard Wilton
    Richard Wilton
    6 napja

    Great collection of clips

  96. Tzekkie
    6 napja

    Alonso doing his stuff again... Awsome to see

  97. alectricz
    6 napja

    Just saw now how aggressively mazepin defends on the straight. Could have gone bad with that reaction

  98. Buğra Erkek
    Buğra Erkek
    6 napja

    When Kimi and alanso saw bottas, "oh here is valtteri, Hello valtteri... goodbye valtteri''

  99. Craig Merwood
    Craig Merwood
    6 napja

    8:02 hey I was watching alonso's onboard! interrupted by stroll again!

  100. BelgianSimDriver
    6 napja

    9:00 Why Gasly didn't brake ??? It was very dangerous if the car of Stroll came back on the line of Gasly !!