The Flexi-Wing Showdown In Baku | F1 TV Tech Talk | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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It's time to discuss one of the hottest topics of the weekend, flexi-wings. Join Tech Talk hosts Sam Collins and Craig Scarborough as they scrutinise the front and rear wings further, and the potential impact of the FIA's investigations...

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  1. ashish pamak
    ashish pamak

    Why was there a TV in the video if you did not use it???

  2. Darcy Hermsen
    Darcy Hermsen
    4 napja

    Genuinely at a loss as to why this is a big issue - if a wing passes a safety test and can be developed within the cost cap, why not allow them to optimise them how they like?

  3. Antonis Miz
    Antonis Miz
    5 napja

    Come on, nothing is solid, there is always some deformation.

  4. alex cepile
    alex cepile
    5 napja

    it's pretty simple, or you look at both wings, or you don't.

  5. KD
    5 napja

    FIA now stands for “F#%* Innovative Aero”

  6. Mc Fireballs
    Mc Fireballs
    6 napja

    There are no flex wings, only crying Toto

  7. Marco Sriwongchai
    Marco Sriwongchai
    6 napja

    Red bull's tweet tho "All these people looking at our backside is making us blush" lol

  8. RodHammett95
    7 napja

    RedBull: let's innovate so we can challenge Mercedes and have finally an exciting season in years FIA: we don't do that here Mercedes: hehehe

  9. Fabio Segovia
    Fabio Segovia
    8 napja

    It would be nice if there was the option of subtitles in Spanish

  10. Tedds ellerno
    Tedds ellerno
    8 napja

    Use static tests this year, let us enjoy the fun with some banter. increase weights or whatever, and let the pinnacle of racing be innovative and awesome! Spend money on 2022, dont punish teams just before a major change by wasting money on new rules, tests and regulations more then you need. thank you F1 for been awesome sporting entertainment!

  11. BWX
    8 napja

    3.9.9 The FIA reserve the right to introduce further load/deflection test on any part of the bodywork which appears to have an advantage over the Mercedes car.

  12. Axel Knutt
    Axel Knutt
    8 napja

    Well what a waste that was .. does any team’s rear wing flex? Why not show us what the yellow dots discovered? Why no comparison between MB and RBR? This was just a YT vid for the sakes of having a YT vid. How about some substance next time.

  13. Thaakir Magiet
    Thaakir Magiet
    9 napja

    This is the result of hamilton being a cry baby

  14. Suburban Fox
    Suburban Fox
    9 napja

    Red Bull are breaking the unwritten rule that clearly states "only Mercedes are allowed to use engineering innovations that give them an advantage over everyone else".

  15. Jxxoxx Fxxoxx
    Jxxoxx Fxxoxx
    9 napja

    The worst thing that is happening to F1 is Called FIA.

  16. John Sanders
    John Sanders
    9 napja

    Red Bull have form with regard to front wing flexing! By the way, for the teams to design and test these flexi components they will have test facilities to match! They know exactly how much their wings flex, there's the data!

  17. D S
    D S
    9 napja

    I have a hard time accepting the fact that actual great engineering is being limited with all these rules. It is not really in the spirit of F1 that was always also the source for great solutions that can maybe find their way in common cars.

  18. The Dark Side
    The Dark Side
    9 napja

    When did F1 presenters become so scruffy and dishevelled looking!

  19. J T
    J T
    9 napja

    Cancel the flexi rear wing to hinder Red Bull but leave the flexi front wing to help Mercedes? Great move.

  20. ZAIDANE Hicham
    ZAIDANE Hicham
    9 napja

    Why are you so keen on banning flexi wings???

  21. Vok250
    9 napja

    You could see the Merc front wing flexing like crazy during the race today. It flexed so much that they actually replaced it during the pit stop, likely due to flex wear.

  22. M&M 123
    M&M 123
    10 napja


  23. M&M 123
    M&M 123
    10 napja


  24. Gonzalo Baca
    Gonzalo Baca
    10 napja

    And in one moment in past production cars surpass F1 in innovation

  25. Powerhouse222 Astigsingpet
    Powerhouse222 Astigsingpet
    10 napja

    F1 should be about innovation. If they want to regulate it then the fia should provide the same car and design engine.

  26. klu android
    klu android
    10 napja

    Soon one F1 Car Inspectors will be riding on back of cars with measuring instrument in hand..

  27. Rick in Texas
    Rick in Texas
    10 napja

    Mercedes brought out the changeable steering system last year. Now they are upset that Red Bull, who is in full compliance with the rules, did something “illegal”? I think Toto is complaining too much.

  28. Joggy Mathunni
    Joggy Mathunni
    10 napja

    Can't wait for next year's drive to survive.

  29. andrex millan
    andrex millan
    10 napja

    incredible how anti-improvements FIA turned up

  30. elko noob
    elko noob
    10 napja

    Poooooooooole position, pooooole position, pooooole position,pooooole position, pooooole position per Charles leclerc a Baku

  31. giannapple
    10 napja

    Make some indipendent producent make the rear and front wing for all teams, problem solved.

  32. ahmad Essam
    ahmad Essam
    10 napja

    red bull cant complain about how costly is the change to their wings, this is the added risk and downside of trying to work around the rules, sometimes it works and sometimes it bites back.

  33. Jarema Karwowski
    Jarema Karwowski
    10 napja

    FIA should take two major steps to stop Mercedes from, well, winnig. It's finally happening and they do everything to give them advantage back, beacouse they are not smart enugh to wrok around regulations as RB did.

  34. Krz Sko
    Krz Sko
    10 napja

    Oh get over it, RB just uses cheaper plastic 😂😂😂

  35. Jayden
    10 napja

    Why are FIA not doing the same tests on the front wings too

  36. Gursangat Ahluwalia
    Gursangat Ahluwalia
    10 napja

    Marcelo looks much taller when he’s speaking f1 language...⚪️

  37. Tosa
    10 napja

    blah blah blah, that car's too fast, it's too quick. call the fia and nerf hammer. whenever you got beat, you shout it's cheating.

  38. Rob S
    Rob S
    11 napja

    I've been saying to reduce the width of front and rear wings by 50% but allow full innovations, including flexi tricks, fancy diffusers, etc. Small front wings would also mean less risk of damage to tyres and cars on track.

  39. Anuj Vyas
    Anuj Vyas
    11 napja

    I'm still relatively new to F1. So the most recent design contentions i've seen were the DAS last year and the flex wing this year. How come the FIA is moving to ban these innovations? I thought the whole part of designing unique vehicles is to have an engineering edge that helps performance on track? Are they not killing any sort of legal edge teams are creating? What's the point of the engineers and designers if the FIA will just go ban it. If they want all the cars to be the same, just make the f1 cars like the f2 cars and let the drivers sort it out

  40. Allan Piacente
    Allan Piacente
    11 napja

    Why do they ban flexible wings? It's great engineering. I thought F1 was about innovation too. Am I missing something here?

  41. Frodo
    11 napja

    I am missing one point: Why ban it at all? If the wing is safe, should be fine.

  42. B Sport
    B Sport
    11 napja

    A few more layers of carbon in the endplate's dog leg area don't cost 500,000$. Teams just don't want to shift their capacities back to this year.

  43. Kelimanjaro
    11 napja

    If more regulations means more Tech Talk from Big Sam, I'm all for it!

  44. Star Tower
    Star Tower
    11 napja

    @ 00:10 how about cars made out of gelatin instead of carbon fiber... that mercedes shake like if it had a 3 cylinder engine inside.

  45. Moshe Gelt
    Moshe Gelt
    11 napja

    Why is every innovation immediately outlawed?

  46. M.G. de Bruin
    M.G. de Bruin
    11 napja

    Look at the front wing from Merc.

  47. Real American
    Real American
    11 napja

    Red Bull is so full of s***. All they do is cheat lie and complain.

  48. Ezra Anung
    Ezra Anung
    11 napja

    sam collins, the mercedes trying not to be obvious bias

  49. Anmol Abeth
    Anmol Abeth
    11 napja

    Same should apply to the front wings. Merc's front wings flex more than Red bull's.

  50. vad1010
    11 napja

    why you don't let team innovate since it's no dangerous in anyway for the driver ?

  51. Timothy Lau
    Timothy Lau
    11 napja

    sportwashing GP

  52. War Peace
    War Peace
    11 napja

    So changing rules mid season on rear wings but not front wings even though it is "common knowledge" and "clearly demonstrable" that both are flexing for different cars. Advantage Mercedes again post French GP. How much does Mercedes pay for these results? Clearly it is more than the others can afford.

  53. ToCoSo
    11 napja

    Flexi wings have always annoyed me as the teams always lie about them and it costs a fortune for other teams to catch up by developing their own.

  54. Sibtain Raza
    Sibtain Raza
    11 napja

    Do wherever FIA can but still Engineers will find a way around the regulations ... You don't underestimate a engineer

  55. luca lancini
    luca lancini
    11 napja

    Useless video,

  56. Sitranine
    11 napja

    F1: Spends millions in man hours, material, and ingenuity to innovate - moving modern tech and scientific understanding forward. FIA: No.

  57. Jeffrey Morris
    Jeffrey Morris
    11 napja

    Craig Scarborough is a techno-asset for F1 Broadcast Presentations. This mechanic keeps on giving. He is a gem!

  58. kb21
    11 napja

    Once again Sam Collins is gold!

  59. tiggershawnie
    11 napja

    How do you know the wing is flexing and it’s not the suspension compressing under load?

  60. Paul S
    Paul S
    11 napja

    Hamilton cries out at Redbull for wing flexi, yet the Mercedes sharkfin is all waggles which would help reduce drag in medium to high speed turns

  61. Will Grange
    Will Grange
    11 napja

    Why is das allowed until the end of the season yet flexible wings have to be fixed utter bs

  62. don gentile
    don gentile
    11 napja

    great content, thank you

  63. Erick McNerney
    Erick McNerney
    11 napja

    This guy on the left sounds like Phil Collins. Looks a little like him too.

  64. arcaneminded
    11 napja

    NEXT WEEK: Important announcement from the FIA: Cars will now need to have selfie cameras to monitor the deflection of the front wings.

  65. whale oil beef hooked
    whale oil beef hooked
    11 napja

    Let em flex I say

  66. vrh13
    11 napja

    Rear wing flexing = banned Front wing flexing = approved cause only Merc is using it

  67. Nikita Mazepin
    Nikita Mazepin
    11 napja

    Looking forward to Baku! More space to spin. newwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  68. Babtridge
    11 napja

    I think you'll find Sam those dots are called sticky-ony-bits

  69. Gumilang Aryo Sahadewo
    Gumilang Aryo Sahadewo
    11 napja

    My flexible friend... (Mr. Bean)

  70. Davide 'Daxor'
    Davide 'Daxor'
    11 napja

    Pls update this show's cameras they look like in terms of quality like the cameras used back in the 90's

  71. Alessio Sem
    Alessio Sem
    11 napja

    Mercedes complain, FIA execute immediately. That's a real circus nowdays, with a lot of clowns around there.

  72. Jalal Dahmane
    Jalal Dahmane
    11 napja

    Let them do whatever the F they want. FIA is killing the sport

  73. konto marki
    konto marki
    11 napja

    No CC, so dislike.

  74. Fletzer 95
    Fletzer 95
    11 napja

    But redbull used a similar technology back in the 2010s and no one said anything about it

  75. Marcílio Pilot
    Marcílio Pilot
    11 napja

    Porquê a necessidade de por um apresentador tão feio e desleixado com a aparência?

  76. Filipe Gaspar
    Filipe Gaspar
    11 napja

    Can anyone tell me what's the problem with having flexiwings? It's not a special device that controls everything like, for example, active suspension, it is a clever way to work with materials and your own aeropackage.

  77. Chicco
    11 napja

    😂🤣Redbull had auto DRS at every race since the start of the season. I guess not anymore. I hope Leclerc can start beating Max and say "They were cheating all along".

  78. Anupam Goswami
    Anupam Goswami
    11 napja

    New rule: the driver must not be flexible

  79. John John
    John John
    11 napja

    Cant wait for ava max to get cut down to size. He is a clown.

  80. Tec Designs
    Tec Designs
    11 napja

    Seeing the video I wondered how the the flex in the Mercedes engine cover effects air hitting the rear wing?

  81. Chance
    11 napja

    Why are we banning innovation?

  82. Chance
    11 napja

    And why are flexible wings bad?

  83. daniel rosca
    daniel rosca
    11 napja

    Red Bull give you wings! Reall wings! 👐

  84. Joe CHAHINE
    11 napja

    Just accept flex wings it's not like it reduces safety nor it costs millions to engineer like das

  85. chu guevara
    chu guevara
    11 napja

    remember DAS is there for whole season

  86. Juda
    11 napja

    Why are they changing regulations!? If they passed the test they passed.

  87. Mayur Misra
    Mayur Misra
    11 napja

    2020 FIA: DAS is gut 2021 FIA: Flexi Wing nicht gut

  88. Virgilio Martucci
    Virgilio Martucci
    11 napja


  89. Ed
    11 napja

    So once mercedes starts to lose, all items are banned. Once Merc win back with new item, its within regulation.

  90. kkurzeid
    11 napja

    Pretty sure that if Red Bull haven't had been protesting about DAS and mercs little innovations we wouldn't be having this problem.

  91. Tony Y.
    Tony Y.
    11 napja

    Just let it be there lol

  92. Mayank Gudimetla
    Mayank Gudimetla
    11 napja

    F1 2020- mercedes das system. Legal for a year F1 2021 - red bull flexing rear wings. Banned not allowed. Biased we need to see competition for championships not a mercedes only sport

  93. Piotr Babiuch
    Piotr Babiuch
    11 napja

    someone start wining FIA ban his technology straight away, Mercedes was allowed carry DAS whole season if they pass test should be allowed

    11 napja

    Mercedes likes competition as long they're first

  95. Leonardo Galliera
    Leonardo Galliera
    11 napja

    Mercedes in 2020 : DAS FIA : “perfectly fine” RedBull in 2021 : FLEXING PIECE FIA : “we can’t allow that”

    1. Bob 808dum4s
      Bob 808dum4s
      11 napja

      Well, a DAS failure is less dangerous than a collapsing wing.

    2. GloomGaiGar
      11 napja

      @Ayaan Sattar It was eventually. That's why they don't have it now.

    3. GloomGaiGar
      11 napja

      CONTEXT. DAS was well within the rules (at the time). If it really was cheating then why did the other teams not protest it to an insane degree?

    4. Redding
      11 napja

      @Ayaan Sattar Flexi wings were never banned, because it is literally impossible to design a wing, which doesn't flex. It's just a matter of HOW MUCH does it flex? This is defined by rules and tested by static test, where they put weight on the wing. All teams passed those tests, but suddenly Mercedes started crying, because they are not 1 second ahead of everyone else and they are going to make the test more strict in the middle of the season.

    5. Ayaan Sattar
      Ayaan Sattar
      11 napja

      @Chicco I meant before merc implemented it on their car in 2020, it was not banned. There was no rule banning Das when they implemented it. Flexi wings had been around since before 2021 and if I'm not mistaken they were banned

  96. Piotr Babiuch
    Piotr Babiuch
    11 napja

    if they pass test i don't see problem whit it

  97. G B
    G B
    11 napja

    Could sky sports be anymore obvious as to their biases? I'm so happy I get sky without paying for it.

  98. SC. D
    SC. D
    11 napja

    Sir Davos

  99. harish kumar
    harish kumar
    11 napja

    Is that Weston McKennie??

  100. theerealrossi rb
    theerealrossi rb
    11 napja

    "Flexing" is now an engineering term 😂